Here Is How It Works

  1. Credit union is asked to provide their approval to book ratio for direct auto loans.  Most credit union ATB ratios are between 55%-75%.

  2. Pre-approval Letter version of AutoCash is mapped into the LOS (Loan origination system) to automate the collateral with all loan approvals.

  3. AutoCash is cost free for the credit union.  Participating dealers fax-in member gift requests with each referral.  The dealer agrees to pay a fee when the member visit results in a credit union loan.

  4. To evaluate AutoCash, the credit union will receive two month-end reports including member activity report & survey feedback results.

  5. After 90 to 120 days we re-visit the credit union loan-to-book ratio to confirm the ATB ratio increase.  In most cases the ratio averages 90% over time.

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