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GM Office

I run the store and my priority is to sell cars using vendor resources.  Coupon referrals from the credit union lending department is a win-win opportunity.  The cost to participate is a based on a performance fee with little down-side risk.  Since we already have indirect lending with the credit union – the fee is off-set.  Qualified floor traffic helps our bottom line.

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F&I Director

For several years, I have had a pleasant relationship with the local credit unions for vendor financing.  My number one priority is to leverage the vendor rate-sheet to my advantage.  News about qualified credit union referrals is welcome.  When my boss agrees to participate, I will support the program 100%.

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Internet Director

We use a verity of vendors to collect lead sources everyday.  
Our dealer web link on the credit union’s web site is welcome news.  Please note: I am happy to include my name and email address for website referrals!

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