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AutoCash training begins with the concept of rewarding members with the AutoCash incentive.  Frontline attendees learn that members who are ready to apply for a loan or are inquiring about auto related service requests, are primary candidates to receive the AutoCash offer.


Each week, AutoLine mails a $25 Visa gift card to the credit union c/o each frontline

       referral that results in a credit union loan.


The frontline individual activates the gift card online and completes a survey to

       document their successful effort.


15 minute AutoCash training sessions include a visit to the Credit Union Data Center

       page. Activity and member feedback comments are reviewed. In addition, the

       front line leaders read their survey comments to help the group identify

       opportunities and techniques for distribution of the AutoCash incentive. 


The session is concluded with a fun $150 fishbowl drawing and the Leadership
       Trophy that is presented to the frontline individual who is the top producer
       for the month. The trophy is held by the winner until the next month-end review.


The training sessions end when the numbers show a trending increase of
loan volume and AutoCash becomes part of the member service experience.


The Data Center Page will continue to display relevant numbers, survey

results and member feedback.  Success is enjoyed by all participants.

AutoCash Leadership Program



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